residential house Irmos


The residential home “Eirmos” was founded in 2003 and is situated in the village of Drymos in the municipality of Oreokastro, in the Prefecture of Thessaloniki. It works under the program of psychiatric reform in Greece and particularly under the action: “Deinstitutionalization and rehabilitation of mental patients”.

“Eirmos” is the new home of 15 residents who have been diagnosed with severe mental retardation and mental disorders. All the residents were previously on the chronic wards of the Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki. The criterion of choice for the residents is based on the diagnosis and the place of origin. The residential home is their permanent residence, which ensures in a 24-hour basis the necessary care and concern for them. 

The residents and the staff of “Eirmos” are available for further communication with anyone who is interested in the operation and the goals of the residential homes. 

Address: D.D Drymos Oreokastrou, Thessaloniki, postal code: 57018
p.o. box: 7, Melissohori 
Phone: 23940-33010
Fax: 23940-33015