Residential Home


The psycho-geriatric residential home ‘Epohi’ was founded in 2003 and is situated in Pendaplatanos, a village in the municipality of Giannitsa. There are 15 psycho-geriatric residents presenting various mental disorders. The residents were transferred there from the Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki where they were chronic patients. They are aged from 55 upwards and most of them, due to their age, tend to have various physical problems besides their mental disorders. Most of the residents originally come from Giannitsa.
The Residential homes is their permanent residence, and they have a 24/7 care.

Address: 1st km Giannitswn – Edessis, 58100
Phone: 23820 81515
Fax: 23820 81518
Ε-mail: epoxi@winweb.gr

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