Painting: The group activity of painting helps the residents to develop their fine motor skills and to express their feelings in a creative way.

Cooking: Once a week the residents test their talent in cooking and pastry, while enjoying the result of their trials.

Walks: The outdoor activities help the residents to develop their social skills and to have fun too!

Autonomy practicing:  The residents are encouraged to believe in their potential and gradually to maintain a higher level of self- care. The practice is specialized depending on the capabilities of each resident. It refers to simple things such as helping someone to learn eating alone, or to learn walking without assist. The practice can also include more complex things, such as educating someone to take the bus, or to buy things from the stores.

Social skills development:
The residents are encouraged to try new ways of communication, leaving behind the negative aspects that they have been used to, while living in institutions.

Dancing: The residents usually prefer traditional music. Dancing helps a lot their mobility and at the same time they seem to enjoy it.

Household tasks: The residents are contributing in the care of their house, according to the level of their capacities, so as to feel like home. In this perspective, the residents are not faced as helpless patients but as people with abilities and potentials.

Group “chats”: Coffee brings us together and inspires us to chat. Regularly, our team is gathering, holding a mug of coffee, and is chatting about everyday issues, in a pleasant and humorous style.

Individual activities: Besides group activities, the residents are encouraged to spend time in things they like. Some of them use to play cards, others to read the newspapers or magazines and others to listen to the music.

Vacation: The period of summer vacation for most of the residents is their only chance to live in a different place and to change their routine.
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